Stuart and Eva Perrin

Dad’s parents were Eva and Stuart Perrin.
They lived in the Marchwell and then Spy Hill Saskachewan.

Eva was a Brown.
They had three Children.
Merton Stuart
Doreen married Johann Ingaldson
Olive married Doug Firth

I remember large family gatherings because there were so many kids. We would get together at the Firths or at the Ingaldsons or at Granny’s tiny house in Spy Hill. Grandma played the organ forever in the United Church in Spy Hill. They were a very musical family and my earliest memory is going to Granny Perrins house and they would have a sing song after supper. Aunt Doreen and Aunt Olive made many records — they were very good singers. Uncle Harold would play the violin and Dad would play the saxaphone. Dad could also play the accordian and a banjo. The was very good at the piano and played by ear. He was the most musical man I knew.