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Name: Sam Hardy
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Comments: Nice to see the picture of my Grandmother Hazel and Great Aunt Irma and Great Uncle Harold.
Monday, June 11th 2012 – 11:51:38 AM
Name: David Eric Williams
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Comments: Harvey and Venus Perrin were my grandparents. My mother and father’s names are Glenda and Charles Williams.

you can contact the rest of the family on facebook.

my facebook page is:

David Williams.
Saturday, July 9th 2011 – 10:17:52 PM

Name: Beverly Salkeld
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Comments: Loved this history on the Perrin Family.. thank you for putting it on the internet…. I saw the grave of Ivan Perrin once in the Spy Hill cemetery …. I was fairly young and did not appreciate the unique marker…. I later read in the Spy Hill history book about him being the first grave in that Cemetery or the second one due to the fact that his grave was moved from one side of the fence to the other…Regards Beverly …..
Saturday, April 9th 2011 – 08:26:37 PM

Name: Ralph L Perrin
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Comments: Thank you for offering your website as a source of information please keep it up Merry christmas.

Best regards Ralph
Sunday, December 7th 2008 – 01:38:33 PM

Name: vicki reedy
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Comments: Hi from Australia. I don’t have a homepage yet but am researching my Perrin family tree. They came from Guernsey in 1848 via the Beejapoore. I was hoping that there might be a connection somewhere back there. I’ll keep looking. Great sight.
Tuesday, December 20th 2005 – 01:46:27 AM

Name: Iain Perrins
Comments: Hi, I’ve been researching the origins of the Perrin name and thought you might be interested. The earliest perrin arriving in France I can find is 1503, the next in 1527. These people are found in the Brittany region. Brittany was originally formed by Cornish Immigrants circa the 6/7th century. The name Perrin (and related variants) is found much earlier in England and was concentrated in the South East before spresding across the country. The name was taken from a popular cornish saint called St Piran/Perran and used as a first name which eventually migrated into use as a surname. There is another possibility that it was taken from the name of the places people lived in Cornwall such as Perranzabule or Perranporth(which was called St Perins creek in 1577). There are various books on Cornish surnames that have included Perrin, so I’m pretty convinced It’s Cornish and not French.
P.S nice site.
Thursday, April 14th 2005 – 04:27:38 PM

Name: Mike Perrin
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Comments: Hello All you Perrins.
Living in northern England, us bunch are desecended from the huegenots of northern France. My Father is the former chair of the local Family history soc. If any one would like to ask him any Perrin type questions contact me on my email and I will ask him to respond.
Cheers All
Tuesday, August 19th 2003 – 05:45:28 AM

Name: H. A. (Buck) Perrin
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Comments: Hi! I am Buck Perrin, son of Harold, grandson fo Franklin John, great grandson of Franklin Young Perrin.
Thursday, April 25th 2002 – 09:05:36 PM

Name: Ron Perrin
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Comments: I live in Fayetteville, Tennessee and I found it very interesting all the different things there are about the Perrin name. There are No Perrins that live in my hometown and very few that live in Tennessee. I haven’t traced my Perrin name back to far but I have enjoyed your Website. Sincerely, Ron Perrin Fayetteville, Tennessee
Tuesday, December 18th 2001 – 04:13:58 PM

Name: Dan Masters
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Comments: May 10, 2001

Dear Sir:
Our family tree traces it’s roots back to the Daniel Perrin
“the Huguenot” that homesteaded on Staten Island, NY in
1666. He was born on the Isle of Jersey, France (at that
I saw the coat of arms for Peter Perrin. Reportedly, Daniel
Perrin’s father was a Pierre Perrin and had a coat of arms.
I am wondering if it might be the same group since they
were living on Isle of Jersey when Daniel
came America. Would you provide me with any information
that you have on a Perrin
Family History Book? It seems like it would provide some
detail for our family tree.

One gentleman, a Henry E. Perrine wrote a book in which he
discussed the family tree which included Daniel Perrin. But
he talks about a coat of arms which indicates that someone
in the family participated in the Crusades. In talking to a
heraldry expert, I was told that the oldest Perrin coat of
arms that she could find was clearly a Crusades symbol. It
was a red cross on a white shield. Is this one of the coats
of arms shown in your materials? Thanks in advance for any

Monday, October 1st 2001 – 09:02:54 PM

Name: Wayne Perrin
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Comments: Dear Marilyn and “cousins,”
My little branch of the tree comes from North Nibley, Glouc.
England about 3-4 generations back. We also have the
Huegenot tradition in the family but no records to support
it. Great Grandfather came to Jersey City from England when
the family cloth mill would no longer support all the
siblings. Some of his sisters married the Bennet family in
the same town and they ended up in Canada, Toronto area I
believe. We stayed in the Northeast and retained much of
the working class, Christian roots that came over from the
old country. I do have a modest amount of genealogical
material if anyone is interested. Nice meeting you all.
Wayne Perrin, Major, USAF Ret. (no relation to the AF Base)
Tuesday, July 17th 2001 – 12:31:24 PM

Name: Jill Olk
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Comments: I am a decendent of Daniel Perrin The Huguenot. I am aware of a mural painted in the Essex County New Jersey Curthouse titled “The Landing of Carteret” in which Daniel Perrin is shown on the very far right side along side his soon to be wife Marie. Any information on this painting by Howard Pyle or how I might get my hands on a reproduction or photograph of this mural would be very helpful. Thanks!
Tuesday, June 26th 2001 – 10:30:22 PM

Comments: I have no idea if we are related or not……….however the name of Perrin in the Rochester area is rich in history and can be traced back to around the late 1600’s when a Glover Perrin erected a trading post on Irondequoit Bay (2 miles South of Lake Ontario)to trade with the Iroquois Indians. An early newspaper account states that Glover was “known to consume vast quantities of rum with the native savages”

It is also common knowledge(although I have no copy of records to verify this) that the Iroquois Indians gave Glover a large tract of land in this area that eventually became the township of Perinton, New York. This is a very beautiful township consisting of expensive homes and businesses along the Erie Canal. There are numerous schools, roads, etc named after the Perrin family.

It is well documented that Glover’s grandson, also named Glover, became a Sheriff of Monroe County and performed our county’s first hanging. This is an interesting story, it seems that the pay master of the local floor mill was murdered for the payroll and Sheriff Perrin captured the pair a gun point. The two men went to trial and were found guilty, and were sentenced to hang. However there was one problem……the circuit hangsman had to be brought in from out of town and it would cost the fledgling county $10.00 in fees, thus delaying the hanging until the money could be raised. Once again our hero, Glover, rose to the occassion and stated “I’ll hang em for free” Now this is where the story gets real interesting, Glover, true to his word purchased a rope and performed the hanging. However at the next council meeting he presented the county with a bill for 11 pence, the cost of the rope! The couincil rejected Glover’s claim on the grounds he said he would do the job for free and thus Sheriff Perrin quit! This is a well documented account in the history of Rochester and Monroe County.

Anyhow I find your webpage facinating. Thank you for sharing your history with me.
Wednesday, May 30th 2001 – 06:31:59 AM

Name: gareth perrins
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Comments: hello iam pez
Thursday, May 10th 2001 – 04:41:34 AM

Name: Dan Masters (Perine, Perrin, Perrine)
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Comments: Dear Perrin friends and relatives,
I have spent the past two years developing the genealogy of our family line from Daniel Perrin the Huguenot that homesteaded on Staten Island, NY in 1666 through our family members (Perine, later Perrine) in Buffalo, NY.
Stops along the way included Bedminster, NJ; Salem, NY; and Buffalo, NY.
I am looking for the Perrin Family History Book and any family reunion information. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Dan Masters