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Stuart and Eva Perrin

Dad’s parents were Eva and Stuart Perrin. They lived in the Marchwell and then Spy Hill Saskachewan. Eva was a Brown. They had three Children. Merton Stuart Doreen married Johann Ingaldson Olive married Doug Firth I remember large family gatherings

Guestbook Entries

The following are entries that we received in our guestbook:     Name: Sam Hardy E-mail address: Comments: Nice to see the picture of my Grandmother Hazel and Great Aunt Irma and Great Uncle Harold. Monday, June 11th 2012

Legends about the Perrin Family

Stories and Legends Hannah Perrin (nee Brown) Obituary Spy Hill News – October 9, 1932 Mrs. Frank Y. Perrin, 68 years of Spy Hill early pioneer of this district died Wednesday at the family residence. Mrs. Perrin had been suffering